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The tradition of our shop dates back to the original Davall and Chown bookbinders, established in London in 1860 to offer its services of custom fine bindings for the gentry of London town. We are pleased to say the basic principles have not changed throughout the years, although there have been changes in prices and improvements in styles, service, quality, and last but not least, durability.

We specialize in custom fine binding, repairing and restoring old Bibles, old and new books, personal documents of historic value and leather-bound books for presentation. We can also typeset and transform your manuscript into a lovely bound book, creating a treasure for posterity.

Born in London, John apprenticed for seven years, starting at age 14. He has spent 60 plus years plying his trade in the classic tradition. During these years, John has gained his experience in all styles of bindings, using the best quality materials.

Walk into the shop and John greets you himself, very likely cradling a 100-year old book to restore. The shop is full of fine leathers, various fabrics, glues, bottles of chemicals and the colorful marble papers of a bookbinder's trade.

Our shop is set among the restaurants, law offices and boutiques of downtown Fort Myers and has been here since 1990. Stop by today and say hello!